4 Ways BIM Collaboration Tools are Changing Design at McMillan Pazdan Smith

4 Ways BIM Collaboration Tools are Changing Design at McMillan Pazdan Smith

Technological innovations continue to drive better outcomes for our clients, especially in relation to BIM. Recently, our architects worked with Autodesk 360 to pilot a new platform at our firm: Collaboration For Revit (C4R). Simultaneously, we’re introducing Navisworks into our standard workflow. Here are 4 quick ways our clients are already seeing the benefits of these great new design tools:

1. Better Communications with the Design Team, Sub-Consultants and Clients

In our pilot projects, our design teams are now linked to the same cloud-based central file as our our sub-consultants, in real-time. This allows the entire design team to work from one virtual location, eliminating much of the back and forth of swapping central files with the various disciplines. It has significantly opened up lines of communication and the ease with which teams can collaborate.

2. Instantaneous Feedback

Due to the shared virtual file location, teams are also able to provide live feedback. This shortens the time needed for changes and approval processes, keeping the projects on schedule. Drawings, plans and models can be shared online with anyone, regardless of whether they have an A360 license, providing clients, and even local officials, a robust and interactive tool for critiquing and analyzing the design.

3. Cloud-based and Mobile-Friendly

Because C4R is cloud-based, it’s accessible from anywhere that the project team has internet access. The well-developed mobile app allows the team to make notes, annotations and markups in the field – they can even upload photos to the model itself, drawing sharper connections between the digital model and the real-life building.

4. Improved Clash Detection

We’re always looking for ways to increase our standards for document quality. Flying through a 3D model in real-time not only provides incredible benefits in seeing how the design actually works, it also provides highly accurate clash detection. And because all of the trades are collaborating in real time, it quickly becomes evident where changes need to be made ahead of time, eliminating wasted time and effort.

As we pursue our mission of helping Clients create beautiful environments that embody their culture and brand, enrich their lives and enhance our communities, technological innovation continues to be an important part of our success. Better collaboration means more efficient projects and, best of all, truly satisfied clients!

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