Excitement Builds for Judson Mill: Take a Look at the Progress

Excitement Builds for Judson Mill: Take a Look at the Progress

See the latest construction progress photos in this recent Upstate Business Journal article. 

Our vision for the Judson Mill development is important not only because of the history of the buildings but also for the impact this multi-use site will bring to Greenville. We’re proud to be a part of realizing this vision as we design a variety of spaces to transform this 800,000 SF structure.

With 204 affordable apartments in addition to the 215,000 SF of office space, 106,000 SF indoor entertainment, 35,000 flex space, and 12 acres of retail parcels — much of which is already assigned — the new Judson Mill will bring fresh opportunities and amenities to the community.

MPS worked closely with the State Historic Preservation Officer and the National Park Service to help the new design honor the past. Original window styles, original brickwork, and heavy timber, plus many of the site’s historic additions, are being retained to bring the best of the mill’s past into its exciting future.

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