ideaXchange: Workforce + Affordable Housing

ideaXchange: Workforce + Affordable Housing

ideaXchange: Workforce + Affordable Housing

ideaXchange: Workforce + Affordable Housing

How Are We Creating Change in Affordable Housing?

It started with a conversation.

Our workforce is made up of teachers, police officers, bank tellers, hospitality workers, and others who eagerly serve the community in a variety of ways. The salary range for this workforce is typically far lower than the Median Family Income (MFI), thus the rents they can afford are far lower than the market rate apartments in town. To address this developing crisis, we framed three connected discussions:

» Design Improvements:

We studied and presented four types of housing that can work well within the City of Greenville once zoning is adjusted.

» Zoning, Policy, Education:  

The breadth and depth of concern in the public sector is focused on solutions that open the city to fresh opportunities for affordability.

» Proformas that Work:  

Creative private investment represents a tremendous opportunity to create change by revolutionizing the typical affordable housing proforma.


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We need you to get involved.

Now that we have researched and discussed affordable housing options, zoning challenges, and financing, we will begin working on these action items — together, we will work with the City and County of Greenville, The Urban Land Institute, and our local leaders and business owners.

We know affordable housing is at the forefront of Greenville’s Strategic Plan, and our community is ready to take action.

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Lisa Lanni

AIA, Principal

Greenville Studio Director

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Lisa Lanni, AIA and Rob Couch, AIA
Amy Barrett, ULI South Carolina
Mary Douglas Hirsh, Ginny Stroud, and Shannon Larvin
Tammie Hoy Hawkins, Project Coordinator
Bogue Wallin, Owner Blue Wall Real Estate
Russ Davis, Owner Homes Urban