The New Office Space Rules

The New Office Space Rules

The New Office Space Rules

The New Office Space Rules

Office Space Today is all about Community and Collaboration

With the pandemic giving rise to more remote work opportunities, physical office space is adjusting to the new demands and needs of a modern workforce. The keyword for office space today is “collaboration.”

What office workers need now is something at the forefront of MPS Principal K.J. Jacobs mind, as his team designs the new headquarters for United Community Bank in downtown Greenville.

According to Upstate Business Journal reporter Evan Peter Smith, “office design is merging into its next major era — from the cubicle-driven model of the 1980s to the open-concept plans driven by Silicon Valley in the early 2000s, to a new era that resembles a hodgepodge of transforming ideas.”

To read a PDF of the article, visit: In The Workplace of the Future, It’s All About Community.

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