MPS Launches ideaXchange: The Future of K-12 Education Podcast

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The Future of K-12 Education is here! That is, the new education podcast we just launched.

“Our K-12 Studio has had the pleasure of working with some of the most experienced and insightful leaders in the education arena, and now, by bringing them on as guests of this show, we have a unique opportunity to bring to light some of the biggest issues facing education today,” says host Ben Thompson, AIA, ALEP.

The first 2 episodes are live now, everywhere podcasts are found.

  1. “Returning to Learn Post-COVID” with former Superintendent Russell W. Booker, Ph.D., CDE.
  2. “School Safety and Security” with former SC Superintendent of the Year, Joanne Avery, Ph.D. “Hopefully [this] will be of help to other school leaders,” Avery says.

If you’re a superintendent, principal, school board member, teacher, or parent — you really should check this series out. New episodes drop every week, find them here:

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ideaXchange The Future of K-12 Education Podcast, with host: Ben Thompson, pictured
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