Healthcare Podcast Guest 2 Martha Whitecotton

Behavioral Health and its Integration into Primary Care + Telehealth

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated an already severe mental health crisis in the US. Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation in January of 2021 showed the behavioral health clinicians can only meet 27% of the mental health needs across the country. While the shortage of medical professionals is not limited to this field, no other specialty has such a huge supply/demand imbalance as behavioral health. In this episode, host Minta Ferguson speaks with Martha Whitecotton, Senior VP of Atrium Health’s Behavioral Health Services. Ms. Whitecotton shares innovative and forward-thinking ways of integrating behavioral health into primary care and telehealth services.

Minta is also joined by Meredith Letendre, a Senior Strategist for McMillan Pazdan Smith Advisors. Letendre creates customized data analytics that justify facility asset decisions.

Facilities or clinicians looking for effective ways to address the behavioral health shortage, or consumers interested to know what mental health options are out there, should find some good takeaways and real-life examples from this episode.