Improving Mental Health Across School Communities

The future of schools will be shaped by how they approach the well-being of not only students but teachers and support staff as well. Tune into today’s episode as Ben dives deep into the world of mental health and well-being in schools with special guest Sonny Thadani, CEO of Robin, and passionate advocate for mental health in educational settings. After volunteering with Sandy Hook Promise and driven by his personal experience as a father of three, Sonny founded Robin – a school partner that empowers students, educators, and parents to thrive. The ed-tech startup was recently featured in Forbes. Discover Robin’s innovative, interactive approach to transforming school communities with a real-world coaching program that combines cutting-edge technology to propel how well-being and personal growth are taught in schools. Robin’s mission is to build more connected, supportive, and compassionate school communities, and listeners will hear about some of the early results and successes they have already achieved. We hope this conversation uplifts and inspires you! To learn more about Robin visit: