Podcast with Sonny Thadani about mental health and we--being in schools.

Improving Mental Health Across School Communities

Explore the future of education with a focus on improving mental health and well-being in schools. Join us in this episode as we delve into the vital topic of student well-being with Sonny Thadani, CEO of Robin – a leading advocate for mental health in educational settings.

Sonny Thadani, a dedicated father of three and a volunteer with Sandy Hook Promise, founded Robin to empower students, educators, and parents. This innovative ed-tech startup, recently featured in Forbes, is revolutionizing school communities.

Discover Robin’s groundbreaking approach, combining cutting-edge technology and real-world coaching to redefine how we teach well-being and personal growth in schools. Their mission? To create more connected, supportive, and compassionate school environments.

Listen in to learn about Robin’s early successes and how they’re reshaping the future of education. Join us as we explore the crucial intersection of mental health and education, and let this conversation inspire and uplift you!

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