Washington School Podcast Art, Episode 7

Remembering Washington: Purpose and Legacy

The Washington Elementary and High School alumni still gather annually to stay in touch and pass their stories down to a new generation of kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In this final episode, we’ve invited a few alumni and community leaders to share what it means to leave a legacy.

There is a collective and profound sense of pride and appreciation for the former administrators, teachers, and students who made this school unique. The nuggets of wisdom, technical skills, and inspiration that Washington instilled in so many in such a short time provides many reasons to celebrate. The lessons learned at Washington Elementary and High School will never be forgotten.

Introduction: Frances Brown Bishop

Featured Guests: Addy Matney, David Mitchell, Rosa Fleming Byrd, Charles Gardner, James Avery

Recorded at Bramble Jam Studios in Greenville, South Carolina, 2022.

Pictured: Washington High School library, circa 1967.