K12 Podcast Social Post Episode 16, Guest: Will Anderson

Successful K-12 School Funding: Creating Better Outcomes by Managing Change

Driving positive change in education is never easy. Whether you’re a school superintendent, district leader, or simply passionate about education, the transformative journey of Richland School District 2 offers valuable knowledge and inspiration for any district looking to make improvements through K-12 school funding that will serve students and teachers for years to come.

In our latest episode, we welcome Will Anderson, the Chief Operations Officer for Richland School District 2, who guides us through the complexities and strategy behind the school’s groundbreaking $468,406,000 improvement program—which included the passing of the largest property tax initiative in the state at the time. Anyone with an unwavering commitment to better educational outcomes will appreciate Richland 2’s successful K-12 school funding and improvements story. Thanks for listening.