Podcast about the Continuum, a CTE with college and university partnerships

The Continuum: Education Redefined, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our 3-Part series, a dive into The Continuum, a career, training and education (CTE) center in Lake City, South Carolina. In this episode, host Ben Thompson explores the unique college and university partnerships that set The Continuum apart.

First, Ben talks with Ed Bethea, formerly of Florence-Darlington Technical College and now the Special Assistant to the President. Mr. Bethea, with Florence Darlington Technical College since 1989, played a pivotal role in planning the Continuum.

Next, Ben interviews Dr. Fred Carter, President of Francis Marion University, known for its remarkable growth in programs and facilities. Dr. Carter helped extend the Continuum’s educational opportunities to Lake City.

Discover how The Continuum’s dual credit, early college, and workforce development model could serve as an educational beacon for underserved regions, benefiting both students and communities.

This collaboration between The Darla Moore Foundation, Florence Darlington Technical College, and Francis Marion University offers students diverse career pathways while driving local social and economic prosperity.

Join us on this informative journey and thank you for tuning in, K-12 school leaders and education enthusiasts!