K12 Podcast Social Post Title 12 Part 1

The Continuum: Education Redefined, Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 3-part mini-series on creating innovative educational environments. This series is an in-depth exploration of the Continuum, a regional training and education center in Lake City, South Carolina that provides college and career paths to students while being a local driver of social and economic success. The Continuum is a collaboration between The Darla Moore Foundation, Florence Darlington Technical College, and Francis Marion University.

In this first part, host Michelle Smyth talks with two Superintendents who have partnered with the Continuum. Dr. Laura Hickson, Superintendent of Florence County School District 3, and Dr. Neal Vincent, Superintendent of Florence County School District 2. Dr. Vincent was also part of the Continuum’s original planning effort. “Having the partnerships that we do have here at the Continuum allows us to offer more,” said Vincent.

The Continuum model is truly revolutionary and shows what can be accomplished when shared partnerships and a strong commitment to impacting students is acted upon. Dr. Hickson explained it wonderfully when she said, “We hear students say ‘This has changed my life.’ It’s worth it to get up every day and continue to change lives.”

We hope you get inspired by the way The Continuum is redefining what education looks like. Thanks for listening!