K12 Podcast Social Post Guest 13

Transforming District Leadership and the Ed Tech Landscape

K-12 education has not always been thought of as an innovative space, but that is changing. Sparked by the disruptions of the last few years, we are seeing a need for a different skill set than previous generations. Technology and collaboration skills are at the forefront of those demands. The education system has faced immense challenges recently, but those challenges have created an opportunity to innovate and make an even greater impact on students today.

Our guest, Doug Roberts, has worked with leading ed-tech entrepreneurs and district administrators for almost 20 years, developing partnerships that improve outcomes for students.

As Founder and CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation, Doug and his partners help bridge the gap between those who run school districts and those who start companies to help school districts. A Princeton graduate, he is a former public high school social studies teacher and ed-tech business development executive who earned his Ed.M. in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Doug has his finger on the pulse of schools across the nation and we enjoyed hearing his perspective, join us for this wide-ranging, open and honest conversation.