Healthcare Podcast Guest 10, Carolyn Knaup

WakeMed’s Freestanding Emergency Department Journey: Strategy, Growth + Lessons Learned

Join us in this enlightening episode as we delve into the nearly twenty-year evolution of WakeMed’s freestanding emergency departments (FSEDs) in North Carolina. Our guest, Carolyn Knaup, Senior Vice President of Strategic Ventures and Ambulatory Operations, shares invaluable insights from WakeMed’s vast experience operating freestanding EDs in multiple NC communities.

With a guiding principle that “healthcare is local” leading their strategy, Carolyn discusses the pivotal role of community trust and engagement in the success of WakeMed’s FSEDs. Discover how WakeMed’s innovative approach to healthcare accessibility and their commitment to community well-being have shaped their journey from the first standalone ED to their latest 2024 opening. Listeners will learn about their organizational goals, the importance of strategic placement, and the impact of cross-training in fostering a robust emergency care system that truly serves the community it is designed for.