Podcast about K12 school facility planning with Minta Ferguson.

What’s Your Plan & Why? Creating Data-Driven Facility Plans That Work!

In this episode, we explore the importance of data-driven facility plans for K-12 schools and how it impacts long-term success. Our guest, Minta Ferguson, Director of Planning at McMillan Pazdan Smith Advisors, discusses the multifaceted aspects of planning, from demographic analysis to market-specific data and even the subjective side involving community feedback.

Facility plans, according to Minta, is a critical strategy that involves justifying capital needs, understanding market trends, considering industry regulations, and aligning with organizational goals.

The conversation explores how planners validate and explain funding decisions to stakeholders, including taxpayers, insurance providers, government entities, and philanthropies. Minta highlights the importance of making decisions that serve the best interests of the community, emphasizing equity and the humanitarian side of decision-making.

Looking ahead, Minta believes collaboration is key, especially in the context of population health. The future calls for more community-focused approaches involving partnerships between healthcare, education, and government sectors to create holistic solutions.

Join us as we continue to explore the evolving education landscape and the learning journey of students.


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