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A podcast on ideas shaping the future of healthcare.

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Healthcare consumers, providers, and advocates — this series is for you. Health and wellness should be everyone’s top priority. It’s a dynamic topic, sensitive to a vast array of factors from a local to an international scale. The healthcare industry is at the forefront of everyday life and, hopefully, on the cusp of a renaissance. We’re glad you’ve joined us for this podcast that explores the ideas shaping healthcare. Subscribe today!

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Healthcare Podcast Guest 10, Carolyn Knaup

WakeMed’s Freestanding Emergency Department Journey: Strategy, Growth + Lessons Learned

Join us in this enlightening episode as we delve into the nearly twenty-year evolution of WakeMed’s freestanding emergency departments (FSEDs) in North Carolina. Our guest, Carolyn Knaup, Senior Vice President of Strategic Ventures and Ambulatory Operations, shares invaluable insights from WakeMed’s vast experience operating freestanding EDs in multiple NC communities.

With a guiding principle that “healthcare is local” leading their strategy, Carolyn discusses the pivotal role of community trust and engagement in the success of WakeMed’s FSEDs. Discover how WakeMed’s innovative approach to healthcare accessibility and their commitment to community well-being have shaped their journey from the first standalone ED to their latest 2024 opening. Listeners will learn about their organizational goals, the importance of strategic placement, and the impact of cross-training in fostering a robust emergency care system that truly serves the community it is designed for.


Opening a FSED podcast episode for Ideas Shaping Healthcare

Opening a FSED for a Thriving Community

This episode delves into the cutting-edge realm of Freestanding Emergency Departments (FSEDs) and their pivotal role in modern healthcare infrastructure. We sat down with William Kenley, CEO of AnMed Health, and Brett Justice, AnMed’s Chief Strategy Officer, to uncover their profound insights into the planning and implementation of a new FSED project in Anderson County, South Carolina. Join us!

For more healthcare design trends, read our Advisors blog.

Healthcare Podcast Post 2 Guests Episode 8

Improving Community Health and Employer Healthcare Costs

In this episode, we explore an on-site, value based primary care delivery model designed by Proactive MD. In our conversation with Troy Corley, Senior Vice President of Proactive MD and Charles Swain, CEO of Foundation Property Group we uncover the “why” behind this new model and learn how it is different from other direct to consumer or concierge models.

This episode covers:

  • Top patient loyalty and retention drivers.
  • Technology integration.
  • The design of these care environments and what’s different from other clinics.
  • What’s changing in local primary care as a result of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
  • How initiatives such as DEI are informing today’s clinical operations strategies.

To learn more about Proactive MD. Want to pitch a guest or idea for the show?

Healthcare Podcast Guest 7 Erika Hill

Experiential Healthcare Design Tips

The interiors of healthcare facilities have a profound impact on the patients and staff they serve. An experienced healthcare interior designer understands how the physical environment influences moods, emotions, and behavior.

In this episode, Minta talks with Erika Hill, a designer with almost 30 years of experience working with healthcare facilities. Erika approaches healthcare design as a holistic and collaborative process. Listen to the lessons learned and insights shared that can help any client positively impact the experience of their facility for patients and staff.


Advisors Healthcare Podcast Post, 2 Guest graphic / Carbon Neutrality Considerations for Hospitals

Carbon Neutrality Considerations for Healthcare Facilities

What can hospitals do now to reach carbon neutrality?

Greg Hudson and Michael Scruggs from RMF Engineering join Minta in the studio to discuss tips and best practices for this long-term initiative.


Healthcare Podcast Guest 5 Michelle Fortune

Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Tactics for Success

The recent growth of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, coupled with an updated “approved procedures list,” and focus on patient experience, fuels changes in their design and operation. In this episode, Minta interviews Michelle Fortune, CEO of St. Luke’s Hospital, a critical access hospital in North Carolina. Fortune has an extensive history in the successful implementation and operation of ASC’s; join us as we explore the benefits, considerations, and strategies behind successful ACS’s.


Healthcare Podcast Guest 4 Leslie Ravan

Modern Trends and Challenges of Nursing Education

The nursing profession is fast-paced, multi-faceted, and can be adrenaline-driven. Minta hosts Leslie Ravan, Senior Lecturer at Clemson University’s School of Nursing, for a discussion on modern nursing education programs. As a practicing nurse for over 17 years, Ravan is also a certified nursing simulation educator. She teaches nursing students critical thinking skills through web-enhanced training and her main area of focus is creating blended methods for best practice in delivering a simulated nursing education.

This conversation covers how nursing education is evolving. Advancements in technology are enhancing the human interaction and mentorship components that nursing programs still rely on. Stereotypes commonly associated with the nursing profession are being challenged and disproven–especially when looking at industry trends over the last 5 years. We hope you enjoy this insider’s take on modern nursing education. Thanks for listening!


Healthcare Podcast Guest 3 Ali Hobbs

Bridging the Gap Between Construction, Technology, and Clinical Operations

In this episode, host Minta Ferguson talks with Ali Hobbs, Project Manager for CBRE’s Facility Activations Solutions Team. We’re always interested in new healthcare technology tools for facility activation and planning. The tech addressed here actually emerged during COVID and is on the forefront of forging the way to help healthcare facilities be more successful in the future. Thanks for joining us!


Healthcare Podcast Guest 2 Martha Whitecotton

Behavioral Health and its Integration into Primary Care + Telehealth

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated an already severe mental health crisis in the US. Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation in January of 2021 showed the behavioral health clinicians can only meet 27% of the mental health needs across the country. While the shortage of medical professionals is not limited to this field, no other specialty has such a huge supply/demand imbalance as behavioral health. In this episode, host Minta Ferguson speaks with Martha Whitecotton, Senior VP of Atrium Health’s Behavioral Health Services. Ms. Whitecotton shares innovative and forward-thinking ways of integrating behavioral health into primary care and telehealth services.

Minta is also joined by Meredith Letendre, a Senior Strategist for McMillan Pazdan Smith Advisors. Letendre creates customized data analytics that justify facility asset decisions.

Facilities or clinicians looking for effective ways to address the behavioral health shortage, or consumers interested to know what mental health options are out there, should find some good takeaways and real-life examples from this episode.


Healthcare Podcast Guest 1 Deon Lewis

When Vertical Expansion is the Winning Choice

When the hospital C-suite or Facility Managers look at their master plan or a feasibility study, they sometimes wonder, “can we go vertical somewhere?” It’s a decision that, when done the right way for the right reasons, can have excellent patient and community benefits–as well as being a smart long-term investment. In this episode, Minta Ferguson, AIA, Director of Planning for McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture talks with guest Deon Lewis, Executive Director of CaroMont Health and Lisa Yagla, AIA, Associate Architect about how an aligned team can use some creative ways to design for flexibility and prepare for the unknown.

This open discussion about a current on-going project reveals the critical success factors and benefits of vertical expansion. Thanks for listening!


Minta Ferguson, headshot graphic for ideaXchange Healthcare podcast

Trailer: Ideas Shaping Healthcare

We’re on the verge of experiencing significant advancements to the Healthcare space, and we want to give you a front row seat to discover the ideas that are driving the future of Healthcare now.

To pull back the curtain on Healthcare today, Minta Ferguson, Architect and Director of Planning for McMillan Pazdan Smith Advisors, hosts a series of conversations with Healthcare stakeholders who are working to elevate environments of care in their communities. It’s exciting work, with new data and innovations being employed all the time.

Join us, as we explore and reveal the ideas shaping Healthcare.


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