B.D. Lee Elementary, Exterior
B.D. Lee Elementary, Rear Exterior
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BD Lee Elementary School, Cherokee County School District

Originally built as a two-story facility for 500 students spanning from 3K to fifth grades, BD Lee Elementary School underwent a transformative expansion. To minimize disruption to school operations, a new facility was erected on the lower portion of the site. Structured into two distinct academic zones, the school naturally mitigates sound. Key spaces such as the gymnasium and exploratory classrooms are separated from regular classrooms.

Optimizing Site Design for Student Safety and Engagement

The site design of BD Lee Elementary School prioritizes student safety and engagement. Separate traffic patterns were created for kindergarten and elementary school students. Fenced playgrounds adjacent to classrooms provide security for kindergarten students. Elementary students enjoy a distinct and secure playground with a basketball court. This site design enhances the overall learning environment and fosters a sense of safety and belonging for students.