CU-ICAR Flexible Lab + Incubator Space
Lockhart Power Speculative Building
North Greenwood Speculative Building
Florence County in Coordination with Santee Electrical Speculative Building
City of Clinton Speculative Building
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Economic Development Experience

McMillan Pazdan Smith is engaged in the recruitment of industry through the support of state and regional economic development organizations, providing financial assistance to marketing and project management initiatives. We consider ourselves a true champion of economic development and have partnered with numerous agencies throughout the Southeast to help local communities recruit and attract corporations and industries to the area.

Our firm has a strong contingent of culturally fluent and bi-lingual architects in-house to provide support to international companies who wish to do business here. The exchange of ideas may include cultural assimilation or specific interpretation of facility needs that are often different here in the U.S. Working with clients with a global perspective gives our team a better understanding of the needs of industry and how to include these into a training facility to support our clients.