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Hickory Ridgeview Library

The existing Ridgeview Library is a community library that has grown in attendance and utilization over the years. This renovation project addresses the challenges of floor plan layout, programming, storage, and displays that were highlighted during a space needs study completed in 2019.

The project includes interior renovations, the redesign of focus areas for users, and addition of approximately 2,400 SF of multipurpose space for community needs.

The redesign incorporates additional workspace, storage, a breakroom and restroom for staff use — all with effective adjacencies. Improvements to the Circulation Desk also creates a more efficient workflow for both staff and patrons.

Improvements were made to the Children’s, Teen, and Adult Areas for collection and programs, including separation and design of computer areas for different age groups. Resilient, highly durable finishes were selected throughout. A dedicated study space and design of a separate Children’s Area allowed for the addition of more collection and materials offered throughout the library.