Prisma Health, Cath Lab

Prisma Health, Cath Lab

Prisma Health engaged McMillan Pazdan Smith to facilitate an equipment upgrade to expand their imaging capabilities at the Greenville Memorial Hospital campus in Greenville, SC. The scope of the project was to replace the existing GE Single Plane Floor Mount Gantry with a new Philips Single Plane Ceiling Mount Gantry.

The new layout was configured to streamline the traffic flow of physicians and staff, and the design relocated the handwash sink to avoid backtracking through the space. The pattern in the floor design reflects the paths of travel of the table and C-arm so that staff would have a visual cue of where it was safe to locate carts and other accessories.

In our verification of the existing electrical service, it was determined that the equipment closet was undersized, so the design reconfigured the layout of the procedure room to capture space to enlarge the closet.

The full interior renovation encompassed 1,190 SF and completed in 2014.