The Future of K-12 Education Podcast Hits the Road

The Future of K-12 Education Podcast Hits the Road

This month we took our K-12 podcast on the road, recording two episodes at the new Lucy G. Beckham High School in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Ever wonder what’s it like trying to open a new school during a pandemic? K-12 architect Michelle Smyth returned to the high school that her team designed and had a great conversation with Anna Dassing, the Principal of Lucy Beckham High. Anna and Michelle discuss the joy and stress of opening a new school building, with new staff, and new students — in the middle of a pandemic. Helpful insights are shared about the planning process, stakeholder involvement, community support, and lots more.

The following day, the crew returned to the school to meet with former Charleston mayor Joe Riley for our 10th episode “Becoming a City of Education and Inspiration.”

Access these and all previous episodes here.

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